Witnessing To Jehovah’s Witnesses: Tips and Techniques That Work at the Door

by Jerry Robinson

My Story

As a young teenager, I was baptized into Jehovah’s Witnesses. While growing up in the faith, I remember a lot of rules:

  • I could not recieve or give birthdays gifts
  • I could not recieve or give Christmas gifts
  • I was not allowed to stand and salute the American flag or sing the national anthem
  • I could not participate in school plays
  • No Martial Arts, Boxing, or wrestling
  • No boy scouts
  • I was discouraged from attending college
  • I could not be a police officer
  • I could not serve my country in the military
  • Our family could not buy cookies from Girl Scouts
  • I was not allowed to read Christian literature
  • I was not allowed to listen to Christian music
  • I was not allowed to enter a church building
  • I could not own or wear a cross
  • I was discouraged from playing chess
  • I could not join school clubs or sports teams
  • I could not give Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts
  • I was even forbidden to say “God Bless You” when someone sneezed!
  • As a young boy, I was fervent in spreading the good news of Jehovah’s Kingdom. I went “door-to-door” proclaiming this good news every weekend and aspired to spend my life in door-to-door service. At the age of 18, I was confronted with the man Jesus Christ and was radically transformed by the power of God.
    What led to my conversion?


    START HERE: First, here is a free online teaching that we created entitled: Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses: What Every Christian Should Know. It is about two hours long and will help you understand the Jehovah’s Witness mindset. It will also show you the most effective ways of reaching out to a Jehovah’s Witness. Feel free to share this video with every Christian you know. (This webinar is presented by Jerry Robinson, the founder and President of JRMI, and a former Jehovah’s Witness.)


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